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"Gerard is a dynamic motivational speaker, his passion and dedication is a testament on Be4Filled in your life, can take an individual to higher greatness. Gerard really speaks from the heart and his developmental program has uplifted our organization, very inspiring indeed."
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Why would you want to know so much about me? Know where I am from and my background will give you a full rounded view of my motivation and my true feelings of duty of service to my fellow citizens. I haven’t always had it easy but I learned perseverance and learned how to succeed and that is what I want to impart to you.

The Little Guy
At the young tender age of 8, I could recall my parents volunteering me in the church play. Now at that time I only had a couple of lines to remember, but that was the beginning of me speaking in front of a crowd with no hesitation. Shortly after, when I was 10, one of playwrights of our church gave me this monologue to act out the play called “Jesus Is the Light”. I spoke and acted and when it was finished the audience gave me a standing ovation. People would came up to me and said, “Son, you have a great voice that will be heard by many for years to come”..

Teen Years
During my teenage years, I tried to find that “niche”. The one thing that I needed to share with the world. I tried sports, I couldn’t hit a fastball to save my life if it was the last thing I did. My nickname in school was “Butterfinger” because I dropped everything that came my way.

So baseball was out. Then there was football, I didn’t get much help from my family genes because I was too skinny and had no strength. After that was basketball, but nope, not a chance. I had the worst form in trying to shoot a basket. Read More »