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I can say truly your style of presentation is simply off the charts and is really a prime indication of how we as individuals should live being 4filled in our lives. Your talk was nothing short of inspiring, it was uplifting and I think it was very entertaining. The ability to connect with a variety of personality, cultures and ages was simply amazing.

– Greg Shaw, Regional Director for South Florida Speakers Bureau 

Gerard is a dynamic motivational speaker, his passion and dedication is a testament on Be4Filled in your life, can take an individual to higher greatness. Gerard really speaks from the heart and his developmental program has uplifted our organization, very inspiring indeed.

-Jessica McLean, Human Resources Manager, Stay True, Inc 

“Shut the front door! Thank you so much Gerard for that empowering presentation, you rocked the house, and what was equally impressive however was how you insured that the insights from your adventures were relevant to us and they provided gems and thoughts and ideas for our organization. Gerard, your session was the perfect fit and it raised energy levels at a difficult time of day”

-Brian Mitchell, Event Planner, On-Time Travels Inc.